Pepper Growing Tips

1. Lots of sun – Peppers like full sun to grow their best, and the more sun the better. In areas where it gets intense heat (the deep south) partial shade works best. morning sun and afternoon sun.

2. Warmth – Along with sun, peppers like it warm. Ideal growth is when night temps are in the 60's and days in the mid to high 70's. I know we can’t always control the temperatures in our gardens, but it’s best to wait to plant peppers in the spring until the ground and temperature has warmed up. Planting the seedlings in cold, wet soil can stunt their growth.

3. Organic fertilizer – Peppers benefit from being fed during their active growing season, and a rich organic fertilizer is the best.

4. Consistent watering – Though peppers like to be kept on the dry side rather than having wet feet, pepper plants grow best when they get a consistent amount of water. Inconsistent watering can stunt the growth of both the plant and pepper production, and is a contributing factor to blossom end rot.

5. Pruning – Pepper plants are generally very low maintenance, but they will produce larger peppers if you pinch off some of the flower buds once the plant starts to produce peppers. Like tomatoes, pepper plants will also benefit from pinching off any suckers or extra growth.